Healthy Spirit, Healthy Living Foundation

Adress: Hungary 2500 Esztergom Áfonyás str. 1

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Healthy Spirit, Healthy Living Foundation public benefit organisation

Our Foundation was founded with the aim to make available for a wide range of psychological and psychotherapeutic services, and if it is necessary the pedagogical development for children, too. Therefore, the socially disadvantaged persons who are unable to pay for private care - eg. unemployed people, people in difficult financial circumstances, students, patients with chronic disorders, large families, mothers in maternity or in child care – have reduced support for individual and group consultations.

Healthy Spirit, Healthy Living Foundation - besides the development of psychological services - has as important targets for public benefit as:

  • Health promotion, disease prevention, curative-, rehabilitative- and health activities
  • Social activities, family care, elderly care
  • Scientific activities, research
  • Education and training, skills development, knowledge dissemination
  • Child and youth protection, child and youth advocacy
  • Disadvantaged gups to promote social equality
  • Rehabilitation jobs
  • Drug prevention

The Foundation started its action in the autumn of 2009 in Esztergom as a non-profit organization with the primary aim to offer psychological and psychotherapeutic services and to help in the social reintegration and in the development of personality of people who need it. The Foundation provides free services for socially disadvantaged and vulnerable children and their relatives. Priority target groups:

  • Chronic ill children
  • Children who sufferd from Post-traumatic stress syndrome
  • Family abused victims
  • Young drug users

Foundation expand its activities primarily to socially disadvantaged and imperiled children in turns. The local educational advisory is working for several months on queue as well as in the Esztergom Hospital children's department do not have psychologist, so the children don`t get psychological care and support. The child welfare services in Esztergom and in Lábatlan have capacity problems in psychotherapy services adressed for children.

Our services

Custom Services

  • Adult, child, couple and family therapy
  • Relaxation
  • Self-knowledge
  • Education Development Service - ECI
  • Special Education Assistance
  • Speech therapy

  • Group Services:

  • Psychodrama
  • Relaxation
  • Self-knowledge group
  • Group for pregnant women
  • Once upon a time ... - Story Group for schoolchildren
  • Art therapy groups – for adolescents, adults, and cancer patients
  • Women's Group - a group for women
  • Free art therapy sessions for children (age 4)
  • In our Foundation work 3 psychologist, one of them is counsellor of addictology addiction in the same time, the other one is an art therapist all of them work in part-time. We have cooperation agreement with one movement therapist, a special education teacher, a speech therapy teacher and one ECI therapist.

    Our activities

    The Vaszary Kolos Hospital organized in every six months a childbirth preparation courses for pregnant and nurses, and thez organized the baby-mother clubs. We make them training sessions and presentations about pregnancy, maternity, child-care and bringing up children.  

    In collaboration with the Department of Children's Hospital we make free consultations, psychiatric examinations to children and their parents because in the hospital hasn’t been working a child psychologist. In 2012, 15 children taken advantage of services in this way.
    We have arrangements with an Temporary Home for Families in Esztergom for the children and adults who are living there could use our services cheaper or free. In 2012, the Home directed 12 people to us.

    Nurses - with 23 participants - entered training about the post-natal depression.

    We have regulary interactive psychological presentations on the Health Days organized by nearby towns.  

    Exept this programmes in 2012, the Foundation offfer individual consultations and/or psychotherapy for 67 persons, of whom 39 people were children or young people.


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